Building your strategic advantage

New product in the pipeline? New data now available? Our Consulting Solutions team can help your organization build a successful communications plan.

Are your policies in order? Do they meet all current guidelines? Our Policy Consultancy and Development team are here to help, and can also provide operational support.

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We gather and analyze insights from three perspectives, to develop an overall therapeutic landscape as the foundation to understanding current and emerging therapeutic needs.

  1. External – first, we explore, current practice patterns, current and emerging competitors, literature analysis, and even social media sources, to best understand the environment.
  2. Internal – next, we distill your internally developed materials, including product profile and clinical trial programs, to determine how your product fits into the clinical armamentarium.
  3. Audience – lastly, we execute healthcare professional surveys and interviews to gain perspective into the challenges and opportunities related to the product and therapeutic class.

This process is becoming increasingly important where the established educational need is essential to an integrated communications plan.


Next, we assimilate gathered scientific information into an integrated, evidence-based strategy. We work with you to develop the overarching scientific story and provide suggestions for addressing unmet needs and scientific gaps.


During this phase we partner with you to refine the scientific narrative, develop your product nomenclature and lexicon, and initiate the tactical implementation of your strategy.


We live in an ever-changing market environment; therefore, we believe it is essential to continue to be proactive and regularly review your strategy, revising it as required, to ensure your plan remains fit for purpose.

What should you be doing?

The global medical affairs environment has become a complex blend of government regulations, corporate integrity agreements (CIAs), company policy, and varying guidelines and standards. It is imperative that companies have a clear understanding of this fast-changing environment.

We recommend that all companies have appropriate governance documents and operational processes in place, to ensure compliance.

How can we help?

We have a vast amount of knowledge of best practices and are skilled in effective change management, communication, and training support.

Our consultancy professionals can help by assessing your documentation and processes and either updating your current policies or generating new ones, to ensure you remain compliant with industry standards and give you peace of mind.

We also provide operational support, such as reviewing and updating your publication databases.

On-going support

After putting in place new governance documents and operational processes, it is advisable to periodically review how well these processes are being implemented.

Our consultancy professionals can perform self-assessments of your tracking systems – such as Datavision − to identify areas of non-compliance and develop educational/training materials.