Envision Pharma Group offers a wealth of creative services and expertise to the highly complex pharma industry including branding consultation, website design and implementation, consultation on targeting audiences, and advice on complying with current legislation.

We are experienced in creating brand identity across both digital and more traditional media and offer advice, direction, and a complete design and development service. We can also help with content generation and all aspects of content management, such as branding, website design, digital interactive/smart media, video/audio content, and all aspects of traditional print media.

With over 12 years' experience in planning events of all sizes – from small advisory boards to large-scale global conferences – we provide the complete event planning service and work in partnership with you to develop a bespoke congress experience.

Our skilled team of congress and exhibition planners can manage a wide range of global events and can tailor the experience to meet your business needs. We are sure you will find our service is both comprehensive and cost effective.

Envision’s digital and multimedia team wants to help you make your communications as clear and effective as possible. This is why we use the latest technology combined with high-caliber writers and designers.

e-Learning platforms

Our e-Learning platforms provide centralized locations where users can gain access to both training and educational resources in an engaging and compliant manner. Platforms are designed to aid the professional growth and development of users by providing access to constantly updated content and resources.

The aim of our training platform is to provide an easily accessible central location for users, possibly from different disciplines such as medical and marketing/commercial. This is in the form of a training portal and central library of educational resources that are compliant while also fulfilling the needs of the users.

The Training Area provides access to 'approved' training resources. It has the ability to assign specific training to individuals/teams/groups, to track the training, and to assess a user’s development and provide further training as and when required. It can assign mandatory regulatory compliance training sessions on-line, and receive confirmation of completed assignments.

The Education Area gives access to 'approved' informational materials ranging from Case Studies to PowerPoint presentations and video/audio files, to augment the understanding of the training materials and aid the growth of knowledge across a wide array of therapy areas.

The platform allows for training to be tailored to individuals or groups/teams, giving your training manager/director the flexibility to assign training either rolled-up into a syllabus of courses or as a stand-alone resource. This aids the knowledge growth and professional development of users.

Interactive posters

Our interactive posters help to engage audiences and deliver maximum impact. Presenting scientific and medical data in an easy-to-understand and space-saving way, the posters incorporate digital media assets, such as video, audio, and animations, which extend the life of the poster and communicate additional information.

We produce cutting-edge digital media for our biopharma and life science clients across a multitude of platforms: stand-alone desktop applications; on-line access; tablet/smartphone applications, and interactive congress stands/exhibition booths. All of these are developed in-house, working closely with our team of medical writers to ensure that the scientific and design content are of the highest standard.

Once the interactive poster has been presented we are able to measure its impact by analyzing online usage metrics.

Poster library

Centralized, searchable, password-protected, web-accessible poster library websites enable stakeholders to create compendiums of interactive posters, manuscripts, and publications with no change to content.

Each asset is assigned a unique, 2D identifier (QR code), and can be to a single asset or a compendium of resources, with integral metrics to assess the impact the data are having.

Reactive design, facetted or keyword search poster resource compendiums can be created for different products or franchises; compendiums can be global or regional and administered by either Envision or our clients.