The science of ethical, evidence-based publication planning

The product you support has generated compelling, robust data – but that’s not enough. Credible, timely, and compliant publications are needed to achieve your communication objectives and inform future clinical practice.

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Envision understands the science of successful publication planning and ethical implementation, and continues to be at the forefront of shaping best practice in this field. We will provide an expert, dedicated team who will work with authors to support all aspects of your publication plan, and our rigorous approach will help transform product data into knowledge within the healthcare community.

Publication Policy

Envision Pharma Group’s mission within the publication arena is to support the development of high-quality, scientifically accurate publications that inform appropriate target audiences about clinical and nonclinical developments and the healthcare environment.

To achieve this, Envision Pharma Group upholds high ethical publication standards and acknowledges the need to:

• Distinguish legitimate, professional medical writing assistance from the dishonest and unethical practice of ghostwriting, and

• Ensure high-quality, accurate, timely, and transparent reporting of data.

As highlighted by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors1 (ICMJE) and the Good Publication Practice (GPP3) guidelines,2 authors have clearly defined responsibilities and are accountable for the intellectual integrity of their publications. Sponsors have a duty to ensure that the results from the studies that they support are published in an accurate, transparent, timely, and ethical manner.1-3

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Publication strategy

An effective publication plan ─ whether global, regional or local ─ is founded on a solid strategy that draws on therapy area insights and trends. It identifies key target audiences and their unmet educational needs and, importantly, seeks to address these. Publications strategy is about ensuring that key data on a compound reach relevant audiences, at the right time, so they have all the information they need to make the best clinical decisions for patients in their care.

As required, Envision can work with you to develop an evidence-based publication plan that effectively addresses communication objectives related to a product and its data.

While congress and journal publications remain the cornerstones of any plan, we also utilize non-traditional media to extend the reach of plan outputs to audiences who need to have knowledge of the data.

Of course, the publication plan does not stand in isolation, nor is it static. The plan should function as an integrated component of a broader communications strategy and changes are required as knowledge expands in the therapy area. Envision is on hand to support throughout this evolution.

Plan implementation

The publication plan is all set, now it just needs to happen!

The Envision approach has proven successful in the delivery of over 100 plans to date.

Whether your product is in early or later phase development, and whether your plan is small or large, global or regional, we will put in place a dedicated team with the most appropriate experience to support delivery of the plan and the needs of authors.

Our assigned scientific and account-management teams work in partnership to direct a core team of in-house medical writers and manage work flow. Our writing teams are fully conversant with the requirements of ICMJE and AMA writing style, and adhere strictly to current GPP guidelines.

This core team is supported by other specialist departments, whose focus is on maintaining editorial excellence across all outputs and on developing graphical representations of complex data that are accurate, appropriate and meaningful.

Through our philosophy of developing and retaining an in-house team of writers and other specialists, our resourcing model has proven successful in providing stable program support over the long-term, as well as flexibility in responding quickly to activity peaks.

The team continuity that we are able to offer enables our writers to develop a deep knowledge of a product and its data, as well as to stay current with topics in the therapy area. On an ongoing basis, this depth of understanding informs all the team’s outputs, as well as their interactions with the every stakeholder involved in the publication plan.

Process management

Effective ongoing project and process management is essential to the success of your publication plan. Envision understands that familiarity and compliance with industry best practice guidance and our clients’ internal standard operating procedures is a fundamental requirement. More than this, however, our teams are adept at the proactive co-ordination and management that, under author direction, will drive the plan to meet its deadlines and achieve its goals.

Although control of publication projects does, of course, sit with the respective author groups, today's publication planning and implementation involves a wider group of stakeholders, all with differing needs and focus.

Envision recognizes this. Our teams co-ordinate and communicate effectively, so that all parties are able to fulfil their responsibilities and the plan maintains momentum. Our approach is designed around the needs of the author group and your company’s team structure and process, with the objective of helping to minimize your plan management burden.

Optimal plan management is best achieved when effective interpersonal management is partnered with robust and dynamic publication planning software – and at Envision we have the solution.

Medical writing support

Our in-house team of over 150 medical writers, the majority of whom possess higher degrees, provide support across a wide variety of outputs. From editorial styling to full writing services, our writers work with authors and other stakeholders to provide well written, scientifically accurate, appropriately referenced outputs that conform to requirements of the target journal/congress and resonate with the appropriate readership (e.g. specialists, general practitioners, clinical pharmacists). Based in the UK, US, Australia, and Japan, our medical writers are geographically located to provide global coverage.

We provide in-house educational programs to ensure that our writers are fully versed in the latest guidelines (e.g. GPP, CONSORT, STROBE, PRISMA) and developments within the medical communications environment.

Additionally, we support our writers in the attainment of the Certified Medical Publications Professional (CMPP) qualification. The customized training of our writers enables us to ensure overall high quality in all aspects of our delivery.

At Envision, we like to function as partners to our clients. Rather than working on a single project basis, we seek to work on communication programs over several years. This ongoing involvement with our clients, as well as the long tenure of Envision staff, allows our dedicated teams to develop a deep knowledge of the product, its data and associated communication strategy, and to stay current with developments in the therapy area. This informed approach allows for meaningful interactions with authors and other stakeholders to ensure consistent and accurate outputs throughout the life of a publications/communications program.


Datavision, developed by Envision Technology Solutions, has become the pre-eminent publication planning tool within the pharmaceutical industry. Our teams are expert users of this platform, and are uniquely placed to support its compliant and efficient use. All team members are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure familiarity with new features of Datavision.

It may be that you have a very specific need solely for Datavision management support, rather than full service publication plan development and implementation. If so, we will be able to work with you to define your needs, the most effective process to meet them, and then deploy an appropriately skilled team to manage your Datavision instance.