Did you learn about Visiontracker HEOR at ISPOR, Milan

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Nov 4, 2015

Did you learn about our new technology solution, Visiontracker HEOR, at the Envision Market Access Solutions booth at the ISPOR Annual European Congress, Milan, Italy, November 7-11


Simplify the Complex


Visiontracker HEOR is designed to simplify the complexities of HEOR portfolio management, knowledge management and process efficiency:

  • Everything in One Place
  • Everything Connected
  • Everything Compliant.


. Enterprise wide!


Visiontracker HEOR is part of our industry-standard technology suite, which includes Datavision, the world’s leading publication planning software.


Visiontracker HEOR can be used independently or integrated with clinical trial and financial management systems, and Datavision. Adoption may improve the ratio of planned vs. unplanned work, shorten cycle times, reduce out-of-scope charges by vendors, provide real-time tracking of activities and budgets, and support organizational alignment and compliance.


Global and country teams get two-way transparency of information, powerful reporting options, corporate memory, and clear ‘line of sight’ to HEOR data to assist interactions with reimbursement decision-makers.


To arrange a discussion onsite please contact Trevor Fitzpatrick or Carole Jones.


The theme of this year’s ISPOR was “Impacting Health Decision Making with Outcomes Research: Closing the Gap. A full listing of events was available as a PDF download or via the ISPOR APP on iOS or Android.

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