Envision Pharma Group attended the Evidence USA Conference in Philadelphia

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Oct 17, 2016

Envision Pharma Group attended the Evidence USA Conference in Philadelphia, PA, Oct 18-19

Envision Pharma Group attended the Evidence USA Conference October 18-19 in Philadelphia, PA. This is the premier event on the use of real-world evidence (RWE) in healthcare and provided an opportunity to discover how pharma, payers and patients are utilizing RWE to understand and demonstrate drug value and improve patient outcomes.


Please contact Karen Smoyer or visit our Market Access Solutions website section to find out more about our RWE planning and communication services and Visiontracker HEOR – The industry-leading workflow solution to manage your HEOR project portfolio.


Please visit our website or contact Mike Kramer for more information on our full range of medical affairs services and for a demonstration of our purpose-built software solutions, including Visiontracker®, Visiontracker HEORTM, MedinfoTM, LibraryTM, Clear®, and Datavision®.


Visiontracker – Centralised management of independent investigator trials, medical education activities, or charity projects.


Medinfo – The complete medical information solution that will change the way your company shares information and gathers insights.


Library – Efficient sharing and multi-faceted searchability of materials across the enterprise. Notifies users of new material for release, expiration of material, and when new content becomes available, based on each user’s profile.

Clear – Facilitates the compliant, efficient, and appropriate evaluation of all clearance and disclosure requests.

Datavision – The world’s leading publication planning software, developed for the strategic and tactical management, and compliant execution of scientific data dissemination. 

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