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The clearance & disclosure process – made Clear

Clear has been designed to enhance the whole clearance and disclosure process. Applications include publication, scientific, promotional, corporate, media, SOP exception, and other operational uses. It can stand alone or be fully integrated with our industry-leading publication planning software – Datavision, which now has over 115,000 users worldwide.

Clear is a system-managed, rules-based application that supports three key steps: submission for approval, evaluation of the request and, finally, approval for release.

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Clear helps your organization:

Evaluate and process all clearance and disclosure requests in a compliant and efficient manner.

The Clear difference


  • Assures integrity of company assets (minimizes unapproved releases)
  • Quality assurance through consistent managed process
  • Eases burden on submitters, reviewers, decision makers, and administrators
  • Provides for a robust, approved, accessible library of material

Fully compliant

  • Supports compliance optimization
  • Risk minimization through auditable documentation
  • Supports compliance with SOPs/policies across multiple request types
  • Ensures global and cross-organizational consistency

Built-in controls

  • Admin function for reporting, user support, monitoring, and rules management
  • Provides insightful metrics of process success and continuous improvement
  • Industry ‘Best Practices’ built in
  • Secure access, including single sign-on capacity
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Fully featured & controllable

  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Process adherence made simple and efficient
  • Auditable trail of activity per request
  • Ensures timeliness of disclosures
  • Useful reminders and notifications
  • Full integration with Datavision and Executive Window